Our TOP 10 PICKS for the biggest sale of the year!

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Our TOP 10 PICKS for the biggest sale of the year!

If you’re looking to build your private gym or just want to upgrade it / expand it, there is no better time to get the gear than now as the biggest sale of the year is in progress. We’ve created a list of our TOP 10 PICKS which you can get right now at special discounted prices!

1. Loop bands

One of the key products for mobility training, home workouts or other types of training! The number of exercises you can use this product for is unlimited. The loop band is a real game changer. It can serve as a warm-up aid, but you can also make many exercises harder or easier. 

2. Kettlebells

Cast iron kettlebells are one of the most used pieces of equipment in the gym or any exercise area. They are manufactured in a single cast iron to create stronger and more durable kettlebells that will withstand even the toughest workouts. Kettlebells are very underrated and not used regularly by many. They allow you to train every muscle group and provide excellent possibilities for core training. 

3. Star lite Fold Back Wall Mount

The Fold Back wall rack is our best-seller for a reason. Even the smallest rooms possible can be transformed to a workout space with this structure, as it folds up and down from the wall. We’ve had customers put it in their living room next to a couch, in a room with only 5m2 of space and in a small office, which only shows you this rack is a truly space-efficient product. It allows you to perform everything from pull-ups, squats, overhead press, deadlift, bench press, everything you can really think of.

4. Barbell & bumper plates set

Weight plates are one of the most important elements for functional and strength training. IRONSTAR BUMPER PLATES 2.0 are made of rubber and stainless steel inserts and have an outer diameter compliant with IWF standards. They are very durable and have low rebound, making them ideal for a home gym, private fitness studio and large sports facilities. But bumper plates are nothing without a barbell. Weights combined with a bar give you unlimited possibilities in your training. Getting it in a set like this saves your time and money in the long run.

5. Barbell Hanger

The space-efficient barbell hanger is compatible with our structures from both series – LITE and BEAST. Attached to a rack, it offers the perfect storing space for most standard Olympic barbells. It is especially suitable for rooms with standard ceiling heights, as it allows the bar to be quickly stored after use without hitting the ceiling. You can mount it on the outer part of the rack, but it can also be fixed to the wall. Keeping your gym organized and equipment stored all in one.

6. Wall mount multi storage System

Unique, wall mounted, space-saving storage system is the perfect solution to have an organized gym, your bumpers safely stored and your floors free of equipment. Mounted on the wall, it provides storing space for your bumper plates to keep them off the floor and organized. Very useful item in a home gym, private fitness studio and larger sports facilities.

7. Hex dumbbells

There is no doubt that dumbbells are one of the most important parts of every gym. They offer unmatched flexibility, and with them, you can hit every single muscle from head to toe. Our favorite thing about them is that we can store them anywhere (they take little to no space) and we can do anything with them! There are unlimited possibilities with these!

8. Landmine

Landmine in our opinion is an underestimated piece of equipment. Providing limitless movement possibilities, it is one of the best attachments. Coming in two different styles - fixed and plate - you can use it attached to a rack or just pinned in the middle of a bumper plate

9. Safety arms

Safety is paramount, especially if you’re training alone and lifting heavy weights. With Safety arms, you’ll no longer need a spotter to help you during your training. This means that you can easily, independently and, above all, safely exercise on your own. They will prevent unsuccessful attempts at lifting, bench pressing or any other movements, thus protecting the user and the equipment from unnecessary and unwanted injuries. Safety first guys!

10. Rubber flooring

Non-slip, anti-vibration, sound and heat insulating rubber flooring for home and professional use is one thing not to forget when building your workout space. It protects athletes from injuries as well as equipment and floors against damage, but also provides better grip for your feet during training. Having them laid on the floor, you won't have to worry if you drop the weights. Coming in different design styles, the most important feature you should pay attention to is the thickness of the rubber flooring, which should be picked upon two factors: the type of floors you want to cover (concrete, tiles, vinyl, etc.) and the type of training you will perform on top of it. 

All of these products are now part of our BLACK FRIDAY DEALS promotion, as we run our biggest sale of the year. We've also put together All-in-one packages to help you get started building your own gym.

If you need support or assistance for building your perfect workout space, you can always reach out to our team and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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