Before you choose our products, we would like you to know the story behind the brand.

The idea and first steps towards becoming the brand that we are today, were made at the beginning of 2020. We began to train more at home, but we were missing some important equipment and so the idea was to build our own rack to use at home, but then the vision became even bigger: to design, create and offer excellent quality products to general public for home and professional use.

The process was long, but we managed to create the perfect stands, rigs & racks for home and professional gyms around the world. We offer a wide variety of products, that can also be custom designed for you. 

With our professional team we strive to exceed your expectations within any of our services: selling excellent quality products, custom designing your gym, delivering the items to you and assembly the racks at your preferred location.

Our products are designed and made in Europe. As we only work with professionals in the industry, we can ensure excellent quality of the products. We are using the best materials on the market. Structures and add-ons are made from structural steel S235 and with a textured black powder coat finish, but can also be adapted for outdoor use (anti-corrosion protection).

Thank you for choosing us, we promise not to disappoint you!