Ironstar Dumbbell only Workout!

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Ironstar Dumbbell only Workout!

A set of dumbbells is more than enough to grow muscle, if you know how to use them.

Here's a quick and intense full body HIIT workout with hex dumbbells you can do at home or at the gym. Build strength, gain muscles and get toned! The workout includes 5 movements, where each of them is concentrated on different body parts.

These are the benefits of training with dumbbells:

  • more stabilization and muscle activation
  • corrects imbalances with unilateral training
  • increased range of motion.
  • better for rest-pause sets, drop sets, and angular changes
  • more accessible when traveling

How to grow muscle with only dumbbells:

  • Isolated the muscle group I was targeting by making it nearly impossible for other muscle groups to assist the movement.
  • Increased the volume by adding more reps and sets in each workout.
  • Maintained constant tension on the working muscle by doing partial reps.
  • Focused on feeling the muscle I was targeting doing the work (mind-muscle connection).

Here’s the full body workout with dumbbells:

Do 3-4 sets

Each exercise is 60s with 30s rest between exercises and 3 min between sets. 

Devil press ft. dumbbells

The devil press packs a huge punch. Technically, a burpee that includes a push up, a squat and a shoulder press. You get all in one. It’s the most complex exercise of all and it is important to keep your back straight when swinging and pushing the dumbbells over your head.

Mountain climbers ft. dumbbells

Great for building cardio endurance, core strength and agility. You work several different muscle groups - it’s almost like a total - body workout with just one exercise. To spice it up, you can do the diagonal version as well.

Reverse lunge ft. dumbbells

Reverse lunge is a compound exercise that activates your legs and glutes, making a great way to sculpt your lower body. This will take your lower body training to the next level. It's important to stay straight in the torso, not to rush and to perform the movement in a controlled way.

Dumbbell rows

Dumbbell rows will get you stronger back and grip, improve your posture and involve a wide range of motion to improve mobility. 

Hip holds with dumbbell press

The hips are one of the most overlooked parts of our body. Many times they are tight and this exercise ensures that we strengthen these muscle groups. 

Push-ups ft. dumbbells

Push-up is one of the most known exercises. So many benefits for your whole body and adding dumbbells is just a level up to your routine. 

You can customize the number of sets to your own liking. Let us know how you feel after you finish that workout! 

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