All of our products (unless stated otherwise) are MADE IN SLOVENIA, EUROPE. 🇸🇮 🇪🇺

We are working with high quality materials and the best experts in all the fields (research, design and development, manufacturing, etc.) to bring you the best possible strength and functional training equipment. The materials we use are certified, that is why we can offer reliability and life-long durability of the products.

Our products are reliable and durable, but are also totally customisable. We produce them in Slovenia, Europe and the materials go through different processes until the final product is manufactured. From laser-cutting to powder coat colouring and packaging - every step from the beginning until the end of production for our structures and add-ons, is done in Slovenia, Europe. We believe in maximum control of the process from start to finish, so we can deliver the best products to you.

The structures and add-ons have been designed and built to withstand all training conditions and last a lifetime.

All products have a specific warranty period, within which the item can be replaced or returned. See "TERMS OF USE" for further details.

We also perform testing before putting the products on the market. When we design new items, we test them within our personnel, AMBASSADORS and STAR ATHLETES, so we know for sure, that the product is really the best it could be!