The online store IRONSTAR and the website www.ironstar-fit.com is managed by the company IRONSTAR d.o.o., which is the owner of the latter. The website was created with the purpose of notifying the public about the company and its products. As a visitor of the website we ask you to consider all the bellow stated contractual terms, because with using this website and with ordering a product you as a buyer confirm that you've read the terms of use and that you understant and agree with them completely.

We take care of the pleasure of our buyers with precise and up to date entries of  exact information of our offers, for tehnical and legal security of buyers, for keeping the personal data safe, for up to date solving of problems, misunderstandings and complications and we offer availability for additional explanation, before and after the order.

The company reserves the right to change the website whenever and without a - in advance - warning and does not take the responsibility for a renewal of the website. The company can change the products, prices or programs, listed on this website. Use of the brand IRONSTAR (company IRONSTAR d.o.o.) is allowed only with a beforehand permission.
The buyer can be a company or a physical person, considering the information listed when registering or order placement. The consumer is by the contractual terms only a physical person, which is getting or using the product and services for use out of the purpose of the activity it got it from.

In the making of general terms and conditions we took into account the Law of consumer protection, the Law of consumer protection against unfair business experiences, the Law of out of court consumer disputes solving, the Law of protecing personal data, the Law of electronical communications and general regulation of protecting data. In case of any confusion or not stated examples, the stated provisions are valid. Terms and conditions determine operation of the online store, rights and obligations of the user and the company. The buyer is made aware of the terms of use and confirms his familarity with them when placing an order. The customers can access the conditions anytime on the web; the E-mail that the customer receives counts as a conclusion of the contract. 

The prices of the products are listed on the website in EUR and include VAT. The prices are valid in the moment of placing an order and don't have a beforehand validity. The offer is valid until the cancelation. Discounts do not add up.

In the case of the information about the price being wrong or that the price changes when processing an order, the company will enable the buyer to resign from the purchase.

As the prices on our website include VAT, customers from outside the European Union (i.e. Switzerland or other) or legal entities should therefore reach out to our team to receive an individual quote, which will exclude VAT.

The website provides next payment methods:
Bank transfer
Bank account: IRONSTAR d.o.o.
Address: Sinja Gorica 26, 1360 Vrhnika, Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 0202 7026 3987 931
The online store IRONSTAR dispatches the order after receiving the full payment.
Payment with Paypal
One of the safest payment methods.
Payment with credit cards 
Through the safe payment gateway. One of the safest payment methods.
Payment with KLARNA (only for citizens of Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, France and Belgium) - KLARNA Pay later, KLARNA Slice it

In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the Klarna PayLater payment method. Payment is made to Klarna. See Klarna 's Terms of Use for more information (select your region):

General information about Klarna can be found here . Your personal data will be processed by Klarna in accordance with applicable data protection laws and as described in Klarna's privacy policy . 


In the company IRONSTAR d.o.o. we strive for the fastest shipping time possible which is aproximately 1-20 bussines days after the confirmation of the order (except if its stated differently within the product's description). The stated delivery time is valid for the products with the status ''In stock.'' If the product has the status ''Not in stock'' or ''Pre-order'', the customer can get the information about the delivery time personally with writing an email to info@ironstar-fit.com or calling +386 31 650 654. Orders for products, which are not in stock, are possible if the customer agrees with the delivery time. We take the right to extend the delivery time due to unexpected delays in the delivery of the goods. IRONSTAR d.o.o. is under no circumstances responsible for damage caused by longer delivery times or non-delivery of items, that it does not have in stock in its own warehouse.


The buyer is obliged to pay shipping costs for the purchase of products, except when ordering products that have the note »FREE SHIPPING«, are subject to certain discounts or promotional codes for free delivery or the purchase is exempt from payment of shipping costs (whereby it is the buyer's duty to indicate the possibility of free shipping of the package when placing the order).

After placing the order, the customer receives an e-mail notification confirming the order, which contains a list of ordered products, the total price and address of the recipient.

Packages are broadcast by the company from Monday to Friday. Shipping is also carried out abroad and the calculation of shipping costs is available at checkout, before completing the purchase. For additional information and calculation of shipping costs for larger orders, contact us via email info@ironstar-fit.com and our team will prepare an individual offer for your request.

Shipping costs are calculated according to the price list of the selected delivery service and are based on the total weight of the order.

For purchases over 3.995,00€, delivery across Slovenia is free (orders are exempt from shipping costs, with the company reserving the right to exemptions).

For purchases over 4.995,00€, delivery across Croatia is free (orders are exempt from shipping costs, with the company reserving the right to exemptions). 

For purchases over 4.495,00€, delivery to the following countries is free (orders are exempt from shipping costs, with the company reserving the right to exemptions): Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, France.

For purchases over 4.495,00€, delivery to the following countries is free (orders are exempt from shipping costs, with the company reserving the right to exemptions): Spain.

Other countries are not specified. Free shipping offer is valid for online purchases only. Our free shipping policy applies to the continental parts of the countries we ship to. Please note that this excludes islands and other areas that are not accessible directly by road. For more information on our shipping and delivery policies or if you'd like to receive an estimate for shipping to other countries, reach out to us by sending us a message at info@ironstar-fit.com.

Please note that orders from and deliveries to Switzerland may result in additional costs related to customs import duties and other fees. IRONSTAR d.o.o. is not liable for these charges, they are a customer's responsibility. As the prices on our website include VAT, customers from outside the European Union (i.e. Switzerland or other) or legal entities should therefore reach out to our team to receive an individual quote, which will exclude VAT. For more information on this subject, reach out to our team at info@ironstar-fit.com

Shipping and delivery is carried out in cooperation with DPD, Post of Slovenia, Intereuropa, TNT/Fedex Express, DHL, DB Schenker and our internal delivery service, where in addition to delivery it is possible to order the installation of equipment – for the installation offer, contact us at info@ironstar-fit.com (currently available for Slovenia; contact us for more information on this behalf for other countries). The company IRONSTAR d.o.o. reserves the right to choose another delivery service if it will be able to fulfill the order more efficiently. In no case shall the company IRONSTAR d.o.o. be liable for any damage or damage to the product that may occur during delivery of the products with the delivery service. In such case, the buyer asserts a claim for damages directly to the delivery service.

It is also possible to pick up the products in person, if the customer chooses this option at the end of the purchasing process. Acceptance of products is in the warehouse of the company IRONSTAR d.o.o., Vrhnika, Slovenia. All information regarding personal collection can be found at the email address info@ironstar-fit.com or at the telephone number +386 31 650 654. When the ordered goods are ready for collection, the buyer will be notified by email and/or by phone call to the number he provided when placing the order. In case of a personal collection, the buyer is obliged to pay in advance, as payment at the collection point is not possible, and at the same time a confirmation of payment (proof of payment) must be submitted in the case of personal collection.

If the customer refuses to accept a shipment for any reason, he/she is required to promptly notify IRONSTAR d.o.o. by sending an email to info@ironstar-fit.com specifying the reason for the rejection or non-acceptance of the package. Only in this case, is the customer entitled to a refund of the order amount, less the cost of delivery in both directions. Failure to comply with this notification requirement releases IRONSTAR d.o.o. from any obligation to return the payment for the order.

WARNING: the delivery services we work with do not have lifting ramps available in all delivery vehicles to help you unload your order. You may need to manually unload the pallete of the entire order from the transport vehicle. If you do not do this and reject the goods, you are not entitled to a refund of the full cost of the purchase, but only a refund for the purchased equipment. You will have to pay the cost of the delivery service in both directions. In case of prior agreement and additional payment, we can provide a transport vehicle with a ramp and assistance in unloading the equipment – in this case, contact us in advance via info@ironstar-fit.com. 

The buyer can place the order without registering on the website. The buyer has the right to check and correct the order before confirming to buy the products. After the confirmation the buyer can correct the order with contacting us through E-mail, in that case this needs to happen before the order is shipped.

The buyer chooses the desired item and the quantity, then confirms with a click on the button ''Add to cart'', in case of buying multiple products the same process is applied for every individual item. When the buyer finishes choosing his products he has an option to check what he chose in the shopping cart. After checking, he confirms his choice with clicking on the button ''Finish order'', he enters all the information needed and chooses the payment method. After completing everything stated the order is finished with a click on the button ''Confirm order''.

After finishing the order the buyer recieves an E-mail and a message on his phone number. That is how the buyer can then check on his order and has a right to cancel the order if anything is wrong. The order can be cancelled at most 2 hours after finishing it through E-mail info@ironstar-fit.com. In case of cancelling through E-mail, the message  needs to include; in the title: Cancelation of order and the number of the order; and in the body: a) name of the article b) name and surname of the buyer c) buyers adress.

If the buyer does not cancell the order, it goes into further processing by the company. The seller then checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms/rejects the order and notifies the buyer about the order. When the order is shipped, the buyer is notified through E-mail about the dispatch and is provided with the tracking number. If the products are in stock, the seller carefully packs the goods at the appropriate time and sends the package to the buyer's shipping address. Along with the ordered goods, the customer also receives assembly instructions. In order to ensure the environmentally friendly business, the customer receives the original invoice by email, which he provided when placing the order.

Purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer is confirmed in the moment of the buyer confirming the order (the buyer receives a message about the status ''Order confirmed''). After this moment all the prices are fixed and are valid for the buyer and seller. The purchase agreement is not saved by the company, but the traceability of the orders completed with clicking on the button ''Confirm order'' is.


The customer has the right – in case of distance and off-premises contracts – to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without having to state the reasons for withdraw, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Withdrawal from the contract or order is considered the submission of a completed FORM OF CONTRACT WITHDRAWAL within 14 days of receipt of the shipment to the email address info@ironstar-fit.com. The possibility of withdrawal applies only to consumers and does not apply to legal entities in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

The buyer which is resigning from the contract needs to return the product with the form of contract withdrawal, at the latest 14 days after notification of withdrawal from the contract. The buyer is considered to have submitted the withdrawal statement in a timely manner if he sends it within the time limit set for withdrawal from the contract. The only cost on behalf of the buyer / consumer in the event of withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the goods, which in the case of shipping is charged according to the valid price list of the delivery service. The burden of proof regarding the right of withdrawal referred to in this part of the Terms od use shall be carried out by the consumer.

The buyer is obliged to pay for any damage that has occured on the items or the packaging. The products are returned as a parcel shipment. The parcel needs to include a copy of the invoice and the contract withdrawal form.

The buyer needs to return the items to the address of the seller at the latest 14 days after the withdrawal notification was sent. Goods are considered to be returned on time if they are sent before the expiry of the 14-day return period.

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract in which the subject of the contract is an item that was manufactured according to the consumer's instructions and adapted to his personal needs and is not suitable for return due to its nature. Products for outdoor use are considered "custom-made products" and thus fall under the category of products that were manufactured to customers specifications.

Withdrawal from the contract is also not possible in the following cases when the seller finds that the returned goods are damaged or that the returned quantity does not match.

Contract withdrawal form

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the buyer will be refunded the full purchase price as soon as possible or no later than 14 days after receipt of notice of withdrawal from the contract. Refund of payments received may be withheld by the seller until receipt of the returned goods. The refund is made by transferring the amount to your bank account (personal account), so the customer must also enter the personal account number on the withdrawal form.

The withdrawal form can be found HERE.

If the customer refuses to accept a shipment for any reason, he/she is required to promptly notify IRONSTAR d.o.o. by sending an email to info@ironstar-fit.com specifying the reason for the rejection or non-acceptance of the package. Only in this case, is the customer entitled to a refund of the order amount, less the cost of delivery in both directions. Failure to comply with this notification requirement releases IRONSTAR d.o.o. from any obligation to return the payment for the order.


Brand IRONSTAR warrants for flaws on the material, manufacturing and functionality for 2 years, starting on the day of the purchase (directive EU), except if it's stated different on the product. The warrant is valid for the products of which the owner is the original buyer, also the warranty is not transferable.

Warranty for products is not valid in case of:

  • Careless or wrong use of the product
  • Unsuitable use or handling of the product
  • Modifications or changes of the product
  • Unsuitable storage of the product
  • Natural wear or tear of the colors and the material in a longer time period

Warranty against bending is not valid in case of:

  • Unsuitable use or behaviour with the product
  • Modifications or changes of the product
  • Unsuitable storage of the product

CAUTION: For normal use of the product the damage on the product, which emerges as a consequence of normal use is considered. No matter how careful you use or take care of your IRONSTAR product, it will show some signs of age and wear eventually.

Warranty is not valid in case of:

  • fading of color, which is a common occurence with these sorts of products,
  • exfoliating of the top layer of paint,
  • rust, which occurs because of abrasion and/or scratches and/or on indented and/or overused parts and/or parts, which are in need of renewal,
  • all kinds of abrasions,
  • rust, if there is evidence of outdoor use and/or storage of parts, which were not protected outdoors, scratches and/or indentations, which are a consequence of impact or surface injuries, which are a consequence of using inappropriate or aggressive cleaning agents,
  • rust, which occurs on the inside of the steel bars, as well as rust on the borders of the holes, which are made with laser cutting,
  • basic wear of material in use.

If the product, for which the warrant is valid , fails in its funcionality because of an error on the material or in production, we will repair and replace it at our expense. Refunds, swaps and repairs are possible only for products, which are original and not changed in any way. Other injuries, which are not in the warrant, are possible to be repaired at a reasonable price and the buyer is responsible for shipping cost in both ways.

To the products, which are not manufactured by the company IRONSTAR d.o.o. within the brand IRONSTAR, the warranty of the manufacturer is applied. Brand IRONSTAR warrants for flaws on the material, manufacturing and functionality for a specific period of every individual product  starting on the date of the purchase. The warrant is valid for the original buyer until he is the owner of the product, also the warrant is not transferable. 

Specific problems, which customers have with the products, are judged induvidually and are considered separately for every case, in accordance with the product instructions. 

Brand IRONSTAR (company IRONSTAR d.o.o.) is not responsible for any type of direct, random or consequent damage from any type of reason, including damage, which is a consequence of violation of the warrant or condition, like scratches on the surface of the product, injury of the buyer because of incorrect use of the product and lost or destroyed personal property.


The seller is responsible for any material errors of the products. The product has a material error if it doesn't have the characteristics which are needed for its normal use; if the product doesn't have the characteristics, which are needed for its special use, for which the seller knew or should've known; if the product doesn't have the characteristics and virtues, which were confirmed or prescripted or if the seller sold a product that does not match the sample, except if the sample was shown only for notification purposes. The suitability of the products for normal use is judged according to the same normal product and any statments given by the seller about the product information. The responsibility for material errors is judged by the law (Code of Obligations).

The material error is considered valid at the latest 2 months from the day the error was discovered. The buyer must send the notification about the error to the seller, in which he states the problem in detail. In this case the seller has the right to check the product, that's why the buyer has to send the product to the seller's address as well. The seller is not responsible for the material errors on the items that occur two years after the product was handed over. A defect in things shall be deemed to have existed at the time of extradition if it occurs within six months of extradition. The seller responds to the buyer's complaint and claim for a material defect within 8 days of receiving the notification of the defect and the product.

A consumer who has duly notified the seller of a material defect and his claim for material error has been approved has the right to require the seller to rectify the error or return a proportionate part of the purchase price paid or replace the product with a new faultless product or refund the amount paid.

In order to assert a material error, the buyer is obliged to inform the seller of any material error within the legally prescribed period and to enable the inspection of the item.

The form for claiming a material error can be found HERE.

The seller is not obliged to take into account complaints / claims of material errors for products that are found to have been damaged as a result of improper or inappropriate use or handling, which is not necessary to determine the nature, properties and functioning of the goods. If you want to pick up such a product again after rejecting the complaint, we will send it to you and charge the costs associated with the delivery of such a product, or you can pick up such a product at our pick-up point.

The provider will provide the consumer with the following information online or upon written request:
  • information about the company (name, registered office, register number),
  • contact details (e-mail, phone number),
  • essential characteristics of the products,
  • the final price of products or goods in an amount that already includes tax or the method of calculating the price, if due to the nature of goods it is not possible to calculate this in advance,
  • payment and delivery terms of the product,
  • validity period of the offer,
  • terms and deadlines in case of withdrawal from the contract and possible costs of returning the goods,
  • information on the appeal procedure,
  • information about the contact person for contacts with consumers or customers,
  • familiarity with liability for material errors.

In case of not finding information on the web site, we offer you help with contacting our e-mail info@ironstar-fit.com.

The company IRONSTAR d.o.o. undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of users and customers, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.4.2016 and the Consumer Protection Act.

All detailed information on the processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy. The user of the IRONSTAR website is aware that he is obliged to provide the company with his personal data in the correct and true form, and he is also obliged to inform the online merchant about the change of his data. By accepting these contractual terms and conditions, the user confirms that the information provided is correct and true.

All full-time or part-time employees of the company who have access to personal and other user data are aware of the duty to protect personal and other data and are obliged to comply with these provisions on protecting the confidentiality of personal data and privacy of online store users. The duty to protect data is valid indefinitely, even after the termination of the relationship with the company.

We use several security and protection systems on our websites, which provide adequate protection against loss, disclosure, unwanted alteration or misuse of data. We use SSL technology to transfer all personal data, which encrypts all information.

Only authorized persons (employees, contractual partners) with a username and password have access to the collected personal data. Please help us protect your personal information by ensuring the security of your username and password.  

The company will contact the user via means of distance communication, unless the user explicitly objects. The method of unsubscribing from receiving advertising messages will be visibly presented in advertising e-mails. The user's wish not to receive advertising messages will be explicitly respected by the company.

The IRONSTAR online store and all data on it, images of articles, graphic and video elements on the website are protected and may not be reproduced or used without prior written permission.

The company IRONSTAR d.o.o. strives for the peaceful and amicable settlement of mutual disputes. In case of any complaints, compliments, additional questions or help, we are available via e-mail info@ironstar-fit.com or the telephone number published on the entry page.

The seller makes every effort to resolve any disputes amicably, but if this is not possible, the court in Ljubljana will be competent to resolve these disputes.

Company information
Company name: IRONSTAR d.o.o.
Address: Sinja Gorica 26
Registration number: 9018352000
Tax number: SI 76603415
Entry in the register: 9.12.2021
Court: AJPES, branch office Ljubljana
SCA: 47.910 (Retail via mail od internet)

Platform for conflict solving
Buyers and consumer have the option to solve conflicts without including the court. 

The platform is available here:

The company IRONSTAR d.o.o. in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, announces that it does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving a dispute that a consumer may initiate.