All products and accessories are designed for professional training. The manufacturer - company IRONSTAR d.o.o. - does not assume any responsibility for accidents or injuries resulting from improper use of products. The products should be used in accordance with good management and common sense to avoid the risk of injury to the user or third parties or other property.

We recommend that you read the safety warnings, recommended operating and pre-assembly instructions before assembling the product or before using the product for the first time. Each product comes with safety warnings, recommended instructions for use and installation instructions if installation is required. If you have not received these instructions for ordered product, please let us know as soon as possible at and we will send you the instructions in electronic form.

Before starting the installation or use process, make sure that you have all the tools and accessories that are needed and in accordance with the assembly instructions, as the absence of these accessories can lead to injuries of people or objects or other property. Before assembling the products, make sure the environment is safe and the space for their assembly is spacious enough. Due to the size and weight of the products, it is not recommended to place them on uneven, high surfaces or otherwise unsuitable surfaces, as the fall of the products can lead to damage of people or objects or other property. We suggest that you consult technicians, who know the safest way to mount the product, before assembling the product, which requires mounting in the ceiling, wall or floor due to different characteristic parts and consequently different mounting methods. The manufacturer IRONSTAR d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility for accidents or injuries resulting from the inappropriate choice of space for assembly or installation, space for exercises or storage space for equipment.

We advise that all assembled products be inspected regularly in accordance with the care of good manager and common sense assessment of the frequency of use, in order to ensure the correct position and check the proper fastening of bolts and nuts. The use of products on outdoor surfaces will shorten their life, unless products are specifically designed and customized for outdoor use. The manufacturer IRONSTAR d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility for accidents or injuries resulting from improper inspections of equipment or poor maintenance. 

Please note that the product is also partially packaged in plastic packaging; this should be kept out of reach of children so that suffocation of children or other injuries can be prevented.

If any product is damaged, defective, worn or no longer works properly, it must not be used until it has been repaired or replaced. We advise that any safety instructions, stickers or recommendations stated on the products  are not covered, removed or obscured, as this may lead to injuries of people or objects or other property. The manufacturer IRONSTAR d.o.o. produces equipment without the use of hazardous materials or toxic ingredients, but it is still recommended to avoid ingestion or direct contact with eyes, mouth or otherwise directly expose the mucous membranes. Be careful not to swallow crumbs such as chips of paint, chrome or raw material. The manufacturer IRONSTAR d.o.o. is not responsible for allergic reactions and injuries of people during training with IRONSTAR sports equipment. Chemical products such as nickel, chromium, lead or cadmium for industrial purposes can trigger allergic reactions in humans. The use of altex products can also trigger allergic skin reactions. Before you start training, make sure you are not allergic to the raw materials that make up the product.


We advise the use of airbags and emptying of the immediate surroundings during all exercises. 

Trainings should take place on a suitable surface.

It is forbidden to overload the equipment, as it can lead to breakage or bending of the product and consequently to damage of people or objects or other property.

The safety clips are not designed and are not intended tobe used when olympic barbell is in a vertical position, so use them only when the barbell is in a horizontal position.

Before starting a workout, consult a doctor or a professional trainer in order to prevent injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Warm up your muscles well before each use of the products and do not take long breaks during exercise, which can lead to muscle cooling. 

Always start training with easier exercises and then increase the difficulty according to your physical abilities.

If you experience nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness or other pain during exercise, stop exercising immediately and consult your personal physician.

Perform the training in appropriate clothing and footwear.

Children may only use sports equipment under adult supervision.

For any additional questions or information on the use or assembly of the product, please contact us via