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Will you join the #homegym community? | Home Gym

In the last few years, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, many people have decided to take matters into their own hands and build their own home gym. In our previous blog posts, we talked about the essential equipment that’s needed for creating your own private workout space.

Today, we want to share with you some cool home gyms that our customers have built in the last few years. At IRONSTAR we are committed to helping you and advising on the right equipment based on your needs and wants, how to set it up, so you can put together something really magical and functional in the space you have available - let it be a spare room, a backyard, a basement or garage in your home. 

As you’ll see in the photos, it doesn’t take a lot of space to create a really nice and functional gym for yourself and your family. We’re proud to share our customers’ success stories with you. Join us on this great journey, where you can find so many interesting ideas and possibly implement them in your home gym.

Complete HOME GYM transformation that doesn’t take up much space

Here’s the extraordinary result of Matija’s home gym. Incredible, right? The perfect training space. Takes up so little space, yet it offers everything you need for your workouts. The cost of this? Much less than you might think.

We’ve listened to our customers and noticed that most people, when building their home gym, want to have an option of buying the complete package, so they don’t have to overthink about what they might or might not need. That’s why we prepared 4 main gym packages, that are suitable for home and professional use, and include everything you’ll need to start building your private gym. As the size of the training space available varies from one person to another, we’ve taken this into consideration and prepared those 4 packages based on this factor as well: you can choose from a space-efficient package appropriate for the smallest rooms, to the power rack package that will satisfy your weightlifting needs. Take a look at them here.

One of the main priorities that we strictly adhere to is responsiveness and customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. And we’re proud to say that users have been sending us feedback and reviews, not only commenting on the high standards of quality of the products and fast delivery, but also how nice they’ve felt when talking to our team.

Some of the home gym’s we’ve helped equip in the last couple of months:

Here’s a few of them directly from our customers:

“I got the half rack, addons, barbell, hex dumbbells and a storage for the hex dumbbells. I am, as always, more than satisfied. Thanks!” - Marko / Slovenia

“I’ve ordered the power rack with a few add-ons and I’m really happy about the quality, customer service and delivery time. 100% recommend!” - Holger / Germany

“Equipment arrived safely and quickly. I am very satisfied with the rack. My living room is now my training area and I love it!” - Roland / Austria

“Service has been great, you and the team always respond so quickly to emails, and the rack and bumpers are both very good quality - no complaints here.” - Rami / Switzerland

“I would easily give 12/10 for the customer experience. One of the best and most easy ones I experienced. Amazing job by you and your team!! Amazingly made products as well - feel super stable! Enjoyed training with them! Feeling safe while using - one can see that quality is key.” - Richard / Germany

“I would give it 10/10 - communication wise, delivery was fast and the product’s quality is TOP.” - Ales / Slovenia

“Amazing equipment! Everything was just as I imagined. Top job! I’ll gladly recommend you further!!!!!” - Stefan / Austria

“We’re very satisfied with your equipment. Everything feels and is high quality, it looks very good, I really like the appearance of the products. That’s the reason I am and will be your loyal customer in the future.” - Ziga / Slovenia

“I am super satisfied with Ironstar’s products! The quality is top and so is the service. All my questions were answered within a few hours and the products were delivered perfectly packaged within a week. I will order from Ironstar again and I can definitely recommend the company.” - Robert / Germany

Check out our racks and other products on our site. You will find lots of gear for functional fitness, storage solutions and other equipment at different price ranges, starting from a single kettlebell all the way to squat racks and more!

Home gym in bedroom or living room

There are no excuses and you can really work with what you’ve got. Here’s an example of just that: free space could potentially turn into your workout area. Maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to have the equipment in the same room as you sleep or chill, but it definitely works and the results are amazing! 

These home gyms show that you can really fit our racks anywhere and you can build a home gym if you truly want it.

Outdoor home gym - backyard, on a balcony or terrace, under the carport

These home gym setups are awesome! Imagine the feeling of having the opportunity to workout in the fresh air in the comfort of your home. What’s better than that?

Picture this: you’re outside, the sun is going down, your favorite music is on and you’re having a great workout session. Wow, just thinking about this gave me chills!

Home gym with a special vibe

There’s also some home gyms that give off that special vibe. The “raw and sweaty” gym is not for everyone and we totally understand it. Maybe you’re more into the aesthetically pleasing space, because it motivates you and it inspires you to keep going. Here are a few IRONSTAR equipped home gyms that have a SPECIAL VIBE.

Exceptional, don’t you think?And it doesn’t even take much space! A perfect mix of equipment to perform practically any type of exercise. We were able to help create truly splendid training spaces all while having friendly-budget in mind, that allowed our customers to realize their dream of having an aesthetically pleasing home gym!


If you’re asking yourself how to create your dream home gym while being on a budget, we suggest to follow our blog, social media accounts and subscribe to our newsletters as each week we’ll share more about topics like building a home gym, how to choose the right equipment, budget-friendly buys, workout ideas and much more. 

Before we wrap up this post: if you have any questions or need any help regarding your gym, products or anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team - they will happily assist you and help you build your dream gym space!

All you really need is an idea and we’ll help you to realize it and bring your vision to life!



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