Why choose our ready-made PACKAGES?

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Why choose our ready-made PACKAGES?

Picture this: you decided on building your private gym and now it’s time to take action and commit to the process of choosing the right equipment. You should think thoroughly about the type of training you want to do as well as have in mind the space you have available.

We fully understand the challenge this presents, so we want to help you go through the thought process more easily. We’ve had hundreds of customers ask for our help and most of them had one thing in common - eventually they all decided to get the complete package. A rack, some add-ons, a set of bumper plates and a barbell is really all you need to start your own gym. We’ve decided to offer 4 ready-made package deals that are a perfect setup for a home gym or a private fitness studio. 

Why choose our ready-made PACKAGES?


It’s our most valuable asset and we should really use it wisely. Our ready-made packages provide an easier and quicker solution to your decision-making process: simply look at what each package offers and don’t waste your time thinking about what else you might need. As we said above: a rack, some add-ons, a set of bumper plates and a barbell should be just enough to start and make progress.


You actually get more for less. If you were to add all of these items from each package separately in your cart, the final amount would essentially be higher. So you’re not only saving your time, but keeping money in your pockets as well.


Everyone knows about the “money investments”, but not all are familiar with the “investment in yourself”. Did you know it’s proven that physical activity can directly impact and increase your productivity, creativity and overall success on different levels of your life? By deciding to build your own workout space, you’re actually investing in yourself, as this space will provide training possibilities for your body, but also your mind and soul and in the long run, that can only benefit you.

Whether you're just starting out, are an advanced user or already own a gym, getting equipment is usually the best price/performance decision you can make. You get everything you need and save on time and money.

Let's take a look at what our ready-made packages have to offer. 

Ultimate space-saving pack 

We call it the Ultimate space-saving pack, because when the Fold back rack is not in use, it can be completely folded against the wall and this way it really does not take up a lot of space. That’s exactly why it’s so popular between home gym users and private fitness studio owners. It provides everything you need, while still not taking up a lot of space. We’ve equipped rooms with less than 6m2 available space, but it’s exactly this kind of a rack that provides diversity of use to smaller rooms because of its foldable function. Put it up in your garage, living room, basement, smaller personal studio, even in the office - it works everywhere! We strongly believe a gym should be organized and re-racked after each use. That goes for home gyms as well, because there’s nothing better than to come in next time and have everything in its place to start your training. It is also why we included the barbell hanger and wall mount multi storage system. With the barbell of your choice and a set of bumper plates, you’re all set to start as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. Mount it up on the wall and get your workout in.

Beasty pack 

Our original package, the one with whom it all started. We offered this package deal early on and received tremendous feedback from our customers - because it includes everything one needs to get started with working out. You get the Star Beast SQ2300 squat rack, which has laser-cut numbers on the columns, a barbell hanger and plate storage bars to provide storage solutions for the barbell of your choice and a set of bumper plates. This package also comes with 4m2 of rubber flooring, which provides a more suitable surface to train on as well as protects the floors. With these products, you really have everything covered to start your fitness journey. 

Warrior pack 

Warrior pack is our latest addition to the ready-made packages collection. It includes a wall rack, which provides a few possibilities in regards to the pull ups - you get 2 classic pull up bars, as well as the front face pull up bar and the front mount add-ons, so you really have 3 different options to do your chin and pull ups. As the wall rack belongs to our BEAST series, it also has laser-cut numbers on the columns, so it’s easier for you to level your J-cups and other attachments. The package also comes with storage solutions for the barbell (which you choose between a few different ones) and a set of bumper plates. As we said, we’re big on having an organized gym and this pack is no different.

Supreme pack 

Our biggest ready-made package deal. This one is for the more advanced users, maybe for a shared use with your friends and gym buddies. The star of the pack is our Star Beast Power Rack V1.0 and it’s truly a magnificent piece of equipment. This structure catches eyes wherever you put it, but most importantly, it provides stability, is very strong and perfect for heavy loads and lifts. By now you should already know that it comes with a storage solution as well: barbell hanger and plate storage bars, which you can mount at the back of the rack and eventually add more if needed in the future. Select the right set of bumper plates for you and a barbell. 

Barbell & bumper plates bundle

As covered in this blog, when purchasing a package deal, you should get everything needed to start your fitness journey and elevate. Once you become stronger and more and more advanced, you can simply upgrade your setup by adding attachments from our range of products. Adding safety arms, dip station, landmine, more bumper plates, some mobility bands, etc. will get you a new aspect to step up your game and keep leveling up! 

Our team understands that every customer’s needs are not the same, so if none of these package deals work for you, you can always reach out to us and we’ll help you pick & choose products that will best work for you and your space. Send us your requests, questions, desires to our email info@ironstar-fit.com and our team will be with you every step of the way.

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