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A folding squat rack will let you do a lot of work in a small training space.

When it comes to creating a training environment, space is the most important resource. You understand how challenging it may be to clear the space required to create a separate training area if you try to workout in your garage. And if you run a gym, you already know how important floor space is to you.


Let's be honest. It can be really annoying to have to move equipment around constantly just to be able to do a workout. Human nature comes in, and before you know it, you're not using the room to its best potential since clearing the area takes at least 10 minutes before you can even begin your workout.

A STAR LITE FOLD BACK WALL MOUNT rack might just be the solution you've been seeking, if you want to preserve important space in your gym accessible for new clients or want to train at home while still having a car parked in the garage.

We also kept in mind who would use our STAR LITE FOLD BACK WALL MOUNT rack when we were designing it. It had to be suitable for everyone, from those who only wanted to perform a few squats in their garage to serious strength athletes and professionals, who’s life is all about fitness.

Yes, it can hold as much weight as you can throw at it

A folding squat rack ought to be simple to assemble, simple to use, and strong enough to support any weight you can throw at it. The rack should allow you to press and squat heavily while still feeling completely secure. 

A rack like this will serve you well for many years.

You'll use this rack to great use whether you put it in your garage or your professional gym. It’s easy to fold it up and down in a home gym, allowing you to perform effective training in a limited space area and keeping it organized when not in use. Just remember not to place your entire camping gear in front of it!

With this rack, you can do it all. From squats, pull-ups, overhead press, deadlift, all you can think of. However, we’d like to remind you to make sure you have proper flooring, especially if you are going to be dropping weights or doing lifts from the ground. 

Before using it, you should secure the structure with the included safety pins, which enable stability and safety during the workout. The wall rack includes an ADJUSTABLE PULL UP BAR with 1 safety pin and 1 pair of J-Cups LITE.


  • Height: 2250 mm
    • Max. axial height of the pull up bar is 2155 mm
    • Side holes on the columns (10 cm apart) allow you to mount the pull up bar at different heights
    • Axial distance between front holes is 50 mm
  • Width: 1160 mm
  • Depth: 575 mm (open) / 130 mm (closed)
  • Steel profiles: 60 x 60 x 3 mm (LITE series)
  • Color: black, powder coated
  • Max load capacity: 350 KG
  • Weight of the unit: 53 KG
  • Compatible with add-ons from the LITE series

The BASIC model of the wall rack includes:

  • 2x column,
  • 4x connection profile,
  • 2x wall nameplate,
  • 1x adjustable pull up bar (1040 mm) LITE + 1x safety pin,
  • 4x safety pin (to secure the structure during use)
  • 1x pair of J-Cups (plastic inserts included),
  • assembly material & assembly instructions

This is certainly the best option for those who don’t have much space available but still want to have a home gym.

Take a look at our website and get yours today! 

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