Top 5 exercises with Landmine

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Top 5 exercises with Landmine

The Landmine is one of the most versatile attachments and is a great way to add some variety to your training. It can be your secret weapon for muscle building, stronger lifts and better conditioning.

Movements that are done with the landmine can help reduce pressure on the joints and engage additional stabilizing muscles. Some of the key advantages of landmine movement include:

  • Rotational nature of some of the exercises increases core and hip stability
  • You can perform many different unilateral (single arm / single leg) exercises that can help identify or fix muscle imbalances.
  • Great for people with injuries or movement limitations - it can make fundamental movements safer and more accessible than traditional exercises. 
  • Providing functional movements that directly transfer into sporting performance or everyday life. 


With these benefits in mind, in no particular order, we’ve put together a list of Landmine specific exercises that we like the most. 


This is an excellent pressing exercise that helps to engage the core while stretching your hip flexors during a traditional shoulder press movement. Place your working side knee on the ground, and keep your glutes and core tight while straightening your arm. At the top of the movement, perform a small shrug. When returning to your starting position, don’t let your elbow pass behind your body. 


SINGLE ARM ROW (Gorilla Row)

A soon to be staple of any upper body workout. Start in a gorilla position -  knees slightly bent, your other elbow placed on your thigh and your back straight. Grip the bar and engage your lats. Move the bar towards your ribcage before lowering it in a slow and controlled manner. Make sure the pull movement is smooth and direct. 

SINGLE LEG RDL (+ a modification)

Landmine single leg RDLs are perfect for building hip and shoulder stability, yet they require quite a lot of balance and core strength, so that’s why we included a modification to this exercise as well. Keep your back straight, muscles engaged and squeeze your glutes when coming back up.


To break the monotony of bodyweight lunges, these are the right choice! Holding the weight in front of you places more emphasis on your quads and core than other variations of the lunges. 


This exercise will set fire to your oblique and core muscles. The side-to-side motion should mimic a windshield wiper movement. Make sure to rotate from your core throughout the exercise.


The Landmine add-on is one of those items that can really change your workouts, add a variety of exercise options and elevate your fitness routine. We also know some of you might prefer to use it with a bumper plate and we’ve got you covered - there is a FIXED model (for mounting on the rack) and a PLATE model (which you can use with bumper plates). Get your LANDMINE here.

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