6 Myths about fitness that we hear all the time

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6 Myths about fitness that we hear all the time

Aiming to get fit for the first time, or getting back into fitness after a spell away can be a daunting prospect. Navigating the minefield of misinformation spread around the internet is hard work. 

We believe in sorting the myths from the truths and giving you the correct information to enable you to train effectively, which will lead to a healthier and happier life.

#1 Working out makes you tired 

It is in fact quite the opposite. Working out releases endorphins and gives you a boost which will add a spring to your step for your entire day. It is also extremely beneficial for your mental health and many studies have shown that exercise helps to improve mood and promotes better sleep.

#2 Exercise is boring 

We definitely don’t think this is the case (at least not with Ironstar gear) and whilst we agree you need to find something you enjoy; we feel that we can show you ways to train that you’ll really enjoy. There’s also an endless list of ways to exercise, from going for a walk to cycling, swimming, lifting weights and everything in-between – there really is something for everyone! It’s also important to remember that exercise is a great way of being social and meeting new people. 

#3 You don’t need to warm up 

We want to get this one out of the way early – you definitely do want to warm up and should build this time into your planned exercise session. Warming up offers a huge range of benefits, from enabling better performance to helping you avoid injury. 

#4 You don’t need to worry about your diet 

We believe the old saying ‘you can’t out-train a bad diet’ really rings true. There is absolutely no point heading out for a double cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake numerous times a week and thinking you can burn it off with a couple of hours in the gym – we’re sorry to say it doesn’t work that way. We like the 80/20 rule; make sure 80% of the food you're consuming are the better choices and allow some treats in there, so you don’t fall off the wagon after a short period of restricting everything. One thing to keep in mind is that food is not necessarily good or bad. It’s the amount of intake of each food that is important, so if you apply the 80/20 rule, then you should be on the right track.

#5 You can cut back on sleep

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasised – it is well known how important sleep is to the body, as this is when most of the recovery happens. We always recommend a solid sleep routine, in which getting a minimum of 7 hours per night should be efficient enough, but do listen to your body and what it is telling you.

#6 You need to do more cardio than weights

There is often a misconception that lifting weights will only make you massive and bulky, which is not completely true. Weightlifting offers many benefits, including building muscle and strength, enabling weight loss, offering protection from injuries and increasing metabolism. 

Before starting your fitness journey, we recommend that you get a personal coach for a few sessions and that you educate yourself about the process that you want to or are going through.

Fitness and working out is truly beneficial, especially for all the good things it brings into your life. Get quality equipment, be consistent and you can be sure to get amazing results. It only takes one step to success! 

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