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After weeks of renovation, we have successfully converted an old and dusty gym into a modern and functional fitness area. The newly renovated IRONSTAR GYM offers a workout area designed to meet all your fitness needs. We have spared no expense with IRONSTAR’s latest and most advanced equipment, ensuring that our clients have access to everything necessary to achieve their fitness goals.

As a company deeply passionate about producing top-quality sports equipment, we have taken pride in incorporating some of our best-selling products into the IRONSTAR GYM. From our flooring to strength training equipment, versatile racks, useful add-ons, accessories, and convenient storage options – our gym showcases all of our collections.

The whole renovation process lasted for about six months (from start to finish), as the old space needed some additional construction work before we could bring in our equipment and make the magic happen. We always wanted to create an environment that combines both functionality and aesthetics, to ensure an enjoyable workout experience.

Here at IRONSTAR GYM, we understand that fitness is a personal journey and our mission is to support our clients every step of the way. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our expert trainers and staff are here to provide guidance, motivation, and a welcoming environment. We are happy to invite you to experience the transformation for yourself!

📍 Located in Vrhnika, Tržaška cesta 9







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