Best attachments for your rack!

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Best attachments for your rack!

Using your IRONSTAR equipment to its full potential: which are the best attachments for your rack?

In the commercial fitness facilities it’s often seen that for each muscle group there are specifically designed machines. As they take up a lot of space and cost quite a bit of money, the equipment for functional training might be the right answer to solve these problems.

Limited space or lack of it is one of the most common problems, when building a home or professional gym, that’s why it is very useful to have one structure with which you can perform a whole-body workout. It takes little space, but provides so many possibilities to your fitness routine.

First, you need to start with a good base. A good, quality rack is a must in any gym, not forgetting the weights and a barbell. But to take your workouts to the next level, we've created a list of add-ons that will transform your training and take it to the next level.

ADD-ONS we’d recommend:


SAFETY ARMS are used to safely perform exercises such as squats, bench press,  etc. They can also be used to set the starting position, furthermore they’re often used for isometric training by more advanced athletes.

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The Dip Station allows you to perform the very popular dip exercise, which puts the most stress on the triceps, while more advanced athletes can also perform a variety of hand-standing exercises on the dip station.

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Fitness is a place to train and disconnect from the world. It's where we forget our problems and enjoy ourselves. That's why it's important to keep it organized and neat. Both of these items are used as storage systems and are excellent ways to keep your workout space clean and organized.

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Landmine is a great attachment, as it offers a possibility to perform exercises such as landmine press, landmine row, deadlifts, RDL, push press, etc. You can put extra strain on certain muscle groups and it's really a must-have in every gym. 

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It is important to keep your workout space organized and clean. Plate storage bars (or the Wall mounted multi storage system) can offer exactly that. Depending on which rack you choose as a base, there are different storage systems that you can use to your advantage. For example, with the Star Beast SQ2300 squat rack, we’d recommend the vertical plate storage bars, but as for the Star Lite Fold Back wall mount, we’d recommend the Wall mount multi storage system.

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We know and understand how important it is to create a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. With a workout station (squat rack, power rack or wall mount) and attachments, you can maximize your training and take it to the next level. A great rack with add-ons can be a great investment for anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness in general.

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