7 ways to take your gym and your performance to the next level

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7 ways to take your gym and your performance to the next level

Do you ever feel that you do not improve for some time? That you hit a wall and working out is not the same joy as it was before? I think that we’ve all been there and it’s not a good feeling at all.

Today's blog is just about that. The ways to take your gym and your performance to the next level. These really worked for us and for the clients we work with. It should help you too!

1. Find a training partner

This is the best advice I can give you. Sometimes you just need a second person or a friend to bounce and get motivated again. It’s not easy to give your all everyday and to find motivation for the workouts, but that person can push you to the next level, so you can give all you’ve got in every workout. It can be tempting to start cutting corners or make excuses why we didn’t finish that round of reps or stop the set altogether, when we could have carried on.

That’s why finding a training partner or someone who can serve as a friendly rival means you’ll be on your A-game more often. Being competitive is in human nature and it’s what will push you to do that extra rep while working out.

You’ll be more likely to complete all of your reps but when no one is watching, the temptation is to stop because there’s no one around to hold you accountable.

2. Be Well-Fed, Hydrated And Rested

Everything you've done since your last workout sets the tone for the next one. The foods you ate, the rest you received, the liquids you drank—they all have an important role in your performance. The formula is quite simple actually. Get 6+ hours of sleep at least, drink enough water through the day and eat enough quality food.

Lots of people do only 2 out of these 3, but in order to really be efficient in the gym and life, you have to find balance in all 3. It can be hard at first, but once you get the routine going, there is nothing stopping you!

3.Get some new equipment

I personally always do this. I got myself a gift. Sometimes I just get myself new bands, sliders, but once or twice a year, I make a big purchase, something like new dumbbells or a bar. And this gets me going. Upgrading your training routines means upgrading your gear as well.

Get yourself a new set of kettlebells, maybe you have an old squat rack and you want a new and improved one.You moved into a new house? Invest in a home gym and save time by not having to spend so much of your free time commuting  and getting stuck in traffic on your way to your local fitness. Believe me, getting new equipment is just like “Santa’s coming early this year” kinda feeling!

At IRONSTAR we offer a variety of products that can give your gym a whole new look. If you need anything, we’re happy to help you whenever you need!

4.Set yourself goals

Going to the gym with no goals in mind is not conducive to a successful workout. How can you train hard and to your best when you don’t even know why you’re training in the first place?

Being successful requires more than just telling yourself to go to the gym and do some reps.

Sometimes we have to think about the reason, our “why”. Why do you work out?

We need to find our why. Some people want to get bigger, some want to lose weight, some of them just want to move their bodies more, have a functional body and live pain-free all their life. And for most, working out is like a therapy - you set your mind free and get “in the zone” - meaning, you clear your head and every possible thought about work, business, your partner, problems, suddenly disappears from your thought-process.

Next time, before you head to the gym, have a moment to think about what it is that you want from your workouts. Do you want to increase the size of your arms or legs? Do you want to feel good about yourself - inside and out? Or do you want to torch stubborn belly fat? Maybe you want to get rid of the pain? There’s so many reasons why fitness and working out in general is beneficial for us and our bodies.

The point here is to have a clear goal of what you’re training towards and when you want to reach that goal. Having a strong sense of purpose about your workouts means you’ll be able to take them on with purpose and passion.

5. Change Your Workout Gear (Seriously)

When you look good, you feel good. Think about how you feel when you look in the mirror wearing a raggedy old T-shirt and pajama pants. Now look at yourself in a nice suit and tie, ready for a big night out. You feel more confident, right? The same principle applies to how you dress for the gym.

Get yourself some new clothing and sneakers. It is the same as with the gear. It’s like Santa came early. There’s not a better feeling than getting to workout in a new gym outfit that fits you and you feel good. Feel good = Perfect workout!

Some people will laugh about this, but studies after studies show that what you wear affects how you perform. There's just something about buying brand-new training gear that gets you pumped to put it on and train your ass off.

6. Listen To Music that you like

A study done at the Weider Research Group found that when trained bodybuilders performed a shoulder workout while listening to the preferred music, they were able to complete an average of 1-2 more reps per set for all sets of all exercises. So for another source of motivation, create a playlist of your favorite songs that jack up your adrenaline and bring it to the gym.

7. Get custom lights for your home gym

This is something that is getting really popular lately. More and more people get some LED strips that can change the colors of the lights. First of all, your home gym will look 10 times better, and your mood and motivation will go through the roof! 


Use these hacks to make every workout as productive as possible. Each one is quite easy to implement, but will still have a noticeable impact on your performance. If you are training hard but aren’t seeing the results you want, these tips could be just what you need to take the brakes off progress and deliver the results you deserve.

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