10 best fitness gifts for the most active person you know - all under 100 €!

10 best fitness gifts for the most active person you know - all under 100 €!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect fitness gift for the most active person in your life? We’ve got you! Our elves have curated a list of the 10 best fitness gifts, all priced below 100 EUR. From kettlebells to loop bands, these gifts are designed to elevate any workout routine and make the fitness enthusiast in your life jump for joy.


Kettlebells are a versatile and essential piece of equipment for any fitness enthusiast. Whether your friend is into strength training or high-intensity workouts, these kettlebells from Ironstar are a perfect choice. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making each workout session effective and enjoyable.

Get it from €32,80 here


Take resistance training to the next level with Ironstar's elastic loop bands. These bands are perfect for targeting specific muscle groups, adding intensity to workouts, and enhancing flexibility. Compact and easy to use, they make a fantastic gift for anyone looking to diversify their exercise routine.

Get it from €11,90 here


With IRONSTAR E-Gift Card, give your loved ones the ultimate gift of choice. Choose from various amounts and spread joy with a few simple clicks. Get the code instantly - your e-gift card will be sent to you within 24 hours!

Get it from €25,00 here


Transform your home gym with the landmine add-on from Ironstar. This versatile piece of equipment opens up a whole new range of exercises, promoting functional strength and stability. Surprise your fitness-loving friend with this innovative addition to their workout arsenal.

Get it from €58,00 here


Upgrade your strength training routine with Ironstar's hex dumbbells. The hexagonal design prevents rolling and ensures a stable base for a variety of exercises. With a range of weights available, these dumbbells are a perfect gift for any fitness level.

Get it from €20,00 here


Save space and keep your gym organized with the barbell wall rack from Ironstar. This sleek and practical storage solution allows your friend to keep their barbells neatly arranged, making it easy to grab the right one for their next workout.

Get it for €95,00 here.


Elevate your squat game with Ironstar's Star-Lite J-Cups. Designed for compatibility with rigs and racks, these J-Cups provide a secure and stable platform for barbell exercises. An excellent gift for the dedicated lifter in your life.

Get it from €65,00 here.


Enhance upper body strength with Ironstar's front face pull-up bar. Easily attachable to rigs and racks, this bar provides a variety of grip options for pull-ups, chin-ups, and hanging leg raises. Surprise your fitness enthusiast friend with this versatile and effective gift.

Get it for €69,00 here.


Perfect for home workouts, Ironstar's booty band and sliders bundle adds a new dimension to lower body training. The booty band provides resistance for glute activation, while the sliders challenge core stability. A thoughtful and practical gift for a well-rounded fitness routine.

Get it for €23,38 here.


Take your functional training to new heights with the rope anchor from Ironstar. Easily attach battle ropes or resistance bands for a challenging and dynamic workout. Surprise your fitness-minded friend with this unique and versatile gift.

Get it for €21,00 here.

Finding the perfect fitness gift doesn't have to break the bank. With Ironstar's range of high-quality sports equipment, you can give the gift of a healthier, more active lifestyle without exceeding your budget. Choose any of these 10 fitness gifts under 100 EUR, and you're sure to make a lasting impact on the most active person you know.

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