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The rack is a great choice for home and professional use. It's slightly different from our other power rack model, as it has 2 feet in the lower part, which provide stability and therefore need no securing into the ground. STAR LITE POWER RACK V2.0 is made from steel profiles (60 x 60 x 3 mm), is powder coated in black color and compatible with add-ons from LITE series


  • Height: 2300 mm
    • Max. axial height of the pull up bar is 2225 mm
    • Side holes on the columns (10 cm apart) allow you to mount the pull up bar at different heights
    • Axial distance between front holes is 50 mm
  • Width: 1160 mm
  • Depth: 1450 mm
  • Steel profiles: 60 x 60 x 3 mm (LITE series)
  • Color: black, powder coated
  • Max load capacity: 450 KG
  • Weight: 95,5 KG
  • Compatible with add-ons from the LITE series


The BASIC model of the power rack includes:

  • 4x column,
  • 2x feet,
  • 2x connection profile,
  • 1x connection profile with the IRONSTAR nametag,
  • 1x fixed pull up bar (1040 mm),
  • 8x connection plate,
  • 1x pair of J-Cups (plastic inserts included),
  • assembly material & assembly instructions

Add-ons and accessories on photos are not included in the price of the basic model STAR LITE POWER RACK V2.0.
*If you would still like to attach the structure to the floor, please contact us at and our team will find a solution for your needs.
Customizations and adjustments available. If you would want to personalize the structure to your needs, reach out to us through and our team will find the best possible solution for you.