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Designed and built with practicality in mind - modern and innovative model of a RIG, which allows you to perform many exercises, which are more difficult or impossible on the classic rig. Cross at the top makes the rig even more stable and it allows you to perform different types of muscle ups, hang the boxing bag / climbing rope / TRX bands, perform exercises with pulley, etc.


The CROSS RIG units are made from 80 x 80 mm and 3mm thick steel profiles, which provide strong stability and support the weight of the whole RIG. Fixed pull up bars come in two sizes - 1040 mm and 1740 mm - to provide narrow and wide field for use.


Modular system allows you to expand the RIG to your liking and add infinite customisation options, like extending the RIG and gaining numerous squat/bench/pull up stations. When your gym expands - so will your RIG.



C4 H2700 mm x W1200 mm x D1900 mm
2 squat/bench stations, 4 pull up stations, 2 pairs of J-Cups 
C6 H2700 mm x W3020 mm x D1900 mm
2 squat/bench stations, 7 pull up stations, 2 pairs of J-Cups
C8 H2700 mm x W4140 mm x D1900 mm
4 squat/bench stations, 10 pull up stations, 4 pairs of J-Cups
C10 H2700 mm x W5960 mm x D1900 mm
4 squat/bench stations, 13 pull up stations, 4 pairs of J-Cups
C12 H2700 mm x W7080 mm x D1900 mm
6 squat/bench stations, 16 pull up stations, 6 pairs of J-Cups

    *For narrow field (1200 mm x 1200 mm), outdoor use or customised STAR BEAST CROSS RIG, write us or send us an email on!*


    Steel profiles 80 x 80 x 3 mm
    Colour black, powder coated
    Included assembly screws, J-cups (1 pair for each squat station)
    Compatible with add-ons from BEAST series


    *BE AWARE*

    The system must be fixed and secured to the ground - the ground assembly material (bolts) are NOT included in the system.

    ADD-ONS and accessories on the pictures are not included - you can buy them separately.