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In addition to the barbell and a rack, bumper plates are one of the most important items for functional training. The weights are made of rubber and stainless steel inserts and have the outer diameter compliant with the IWF standards – 450 mm. IRONSTAR BUMPER PLATES are very durable and have low bounce. They are suitable for home gyms, private fitness studios and larger sport facilities.

For bigger orders, please contact us at and our team will prepare an individual offer for you.

Sold in sets.


  • 100 KG (2x5 KG, 2x10 KG, 2x15 KG, 2x20 KG)
  • 150 KG (2x5 KG, 2x10 KG, 2x15 KG, 2x20 KG, 2x25 KG)
  • Outer diameter: 450 mm (IWF standards)
  • Suitable for use with standard olympic barbells (sleeve diameter 50 mm)
  • Material: rubber, stainless steel
  • Color: black
  • Sold in sets


BUMPER PLATES – thickness:

5 KG – 23,5 mm

10 KG – 40 mm

15 KG – 56 mm

20 KG – 75 mm

25 KG – 90 mm

*To prevent damage, the 5 KG bumper plates shoudl not be thrown freely on the floor, but must be put down safely.*