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A barbell is one of the most important items in the gym, let it be a home gym, a private fitness studio or a larger sport facility. WOMEN'S BAR is a standard women's olympic bar, weighting 15 KG and with a length of 201 cm. The bar is made of high quality steel, the shaft has a diameter of 25 mm and has a chrome coating. The bas has double marks and no central knurl. It's a great choice for home or professional gym!


  • Weight: 15 KG
  • Length: 201 cm
  • Sleeve length: 33 cm
  • Material: steel, chrome
  • Color: chrome
  • Shaft diameter: 25 mm
  • load capacity: 225 KG
  • Marks: double, no central knurl
  • Key features: needle bearings (8)

Looks extremely good in combination with our IRONSTAR BUMPER PLATES and LOCK COLLARS.

***To protect the barbell and to preserve its properties, the bar comes covered in a layer of an oily substance, which provides protection during transport. For safe delivery, it is wrapped in plastic cover and placed inside the cardboard tube.***