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Easily mounted to our structures, this DIP STATION is invaluable add-on for any gym. Its sturdiness and practicality of use provide a possibility to safely perform dipping and other upper body strength exercises. The system is mounted to the structure with a safety pin. Choose between FRONT or SIDE MOUNT dip station.


FRONT and SIDE MOUNT dip stations differ only by how they are mounted on the structures.

As per its names, the FRONT MOUNT system is installed from the front view and SIDE MOUNT system is installed from the side. This one, however, is not suitable for small spaces, as you need enough room around the station to use it (especially with racks that are positioned close to the wall). If that’s the case in your gym, we suggest you choose the FRONT MOUNT dip station. 


Grip / bar diameter 48 mm
Included 1x safety pin
Colour black, powder coated
Max load capacity 200 KG
Unit weight 8,5 KG
Series 80x80 mm (BEAST)
IMPORTANT: Please note that the side holes on the columns of our racks are 10 cm apart, which means you can mount the FRONT MOUNT dip station on every other front hole on the rack. The FRONT MOUNT variant is not compatible with the STAR BEAST BASIC WALL MOUNT and STAR BEAST RIGS.